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      I just returned to Manila after the inaugural Wainwright Workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Saigon (most everyone in the city still calls it by its original name) is one of my favourite cities in the world, and it seemed the right place to host the workshop – there’s a young, growing photography scene there with lots of potential. There’s an abundance of colour and chaos, and we spent the day discussing photography and working out how to create well-thought out images in crazy, unpredictable environments.

      Although I’ve spoken at a few photography workshops and conferences before, this was my very first solo workshop. A lot of work goes into planning one of these, and I’m indebted to a very long list of people who helped me out. I should thank all of the photographers and editors who mentored me in the past, and helped me build my ability, vision and professionalism. But for the sake of brevity I’ll limit thanks here to those who helped get this particular workshop get off the ground – Ross at Flothemes for his generous sponsorship, Laure at WORK cafe for providing a wonderful space and service, and Huy and the community of photographers at Fearless, who continue to provide great support, resources and professional development to photographers worldwide.

      But most of all, thanks to the participants for trusting me to provide something with value – you’re the ones who made it happen.

      So, looks like this is the start of something special that I’ll continue to build. So far its looking good for more workshops in Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines in 2015 – and please drop me a line if you’d like to have one in your neck of the woods.

      Khanh Nguyen Duy

      Please count me in, too. thanks 🙂

      Nguyen Kien Cuong

      Dear Julian

      Please notice and add me to your next workshop participants list, I really want to join your workshop in Saigon.

      Thank you

      Võ DUy Phúc

      Hi Julian
      When second your Workshop in HCM city begin in 2015 ?

      I don’t have a date set yet. It depends on my work/travel schedule. I’ll post updates on Facebook soon. Thanks for your interest!

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