Get in touch and tell me a bit about yourselves. I'll get back to you with everything you need to know about photography for your wedding.

      I ALWAYS respond within 24hrs. If for some reason you don't hear back from me, email me directly!

      Happy couples and kind words


      "Julian, I think you already know this... but we love you and we think you’re brilliant! We knew your photos would be stunning, and you didn't disappoint. You've captured so many moments so beautifully - thank you for not only filling in the gaps in our memories, but also for making them so bright, vivid and warm." Di & Phil


      "To say his photos are 'beautiful' is to say that love is 'nice'. Julian does more than just take pictures. He's also incredibly friendly, fun, professional and responsive. No fussiness, and no bossing folk about... just a fun partnership in the most beautiful pictures you'll see in your life." - Nicole & Tom


      "JULIAN THESE ARE AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for capturing the most special day, going through these memories makes me feel like we are there all over again. I cannot wait to share these with the world." - Kamina & Warren


      "Julian's work resonates with life. He is a chronicler of memories, hunting down the essence of a touching moment. He is a flippin' ninja - stealthy, unseen through most of the process but always there when you need him the most." - Alvin & Queenie


      "Julian candidly captured the magic and documented the story of our day effortlessly - with every detail noted and every moment expressed. Not only this, he is easy-going and absolutely fun to have around!" - Alex & Luke


      "Julian himself is a JOY to work with and my family all completely fell in love with him. He is sweet, humble and sincere - important qualities considering most of your big day is spent with your photographer by your side." - Jojo & David


      "Julian, wow. Can I just say, you are ABSOLUTELY incredible???! Thank you so much, your work brought me to tears. I am going to tell every single person I meet!" - Claudia & Jozef


      "OMG!!! We are speechless!!! LOVE THESE PICTURES!!! I feel so luck to have had you join us, truly. You are such a pleasure to work with and to know." - Dana & Michael


      "We had our first viewing of the photos last night and may I say you have done an incredible job capturing our wedding. Your photos are so magical - this is something we will treasure our whole lives. Thank you very much for all your hard work. I always knew you were the right man for our wedding." - Jas & Vas


      "Julian! We have just looked through the images as you said we should (with wine and music ;), and are blown away by your artistry with the camera. I have no idea how you managed to compose so many perfect images of our day. These are exactly what we wanted and you were the man for us from the minute we saw your work during our research. I can’t thank you enough!" - Lexie & Simon