The world's best wedding photography....

      … can usually be found in two places. The first, in my opinion, is over at Fearless, a relatively new website showcasing great wedding photographers from all over the globe. There’s nothing else remotely like it online, and if I were  hunting for a wedding photographer, that would be my first and quite possibly last resource that I’d check out.

      The second is over at Junebug, which has been an industry leader in showcasing elite wedding vendors for quite a while now. I’ve been a longtime admirer of the contributions that Junebug has been making to the wedding industry, and I think they succeed where a lot of other wedding blogs/sites fail, for the simple reason that they only really show great work. Consistently.

      So I’m proud to be a member of both Fearless and Junebug. And I’ll be talking a bit more about them in future posts, mixed in with some thoughts I’ve been thinking this summer about wedding photography and my place in it. In the meantime, here’s a link to Junebug’s Photo blog, with a little snap from yours truely, one of my faves from Hue, Vietnam.

      Vietnam wedding photographer Hoi An


      Wonderful picture! I love wedding photography like that.

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