Steve + Hanh | Hanoi Wedding

      We’ve all been waiting for this one for a while here in Hanoi, and it didn’t disappoint. Steve and Hanh married this past weekend – though in Vietnam the wedding reception is a mere formality, the real nuptials are during the an hoi and then registering with various stamped papers with the government.

      We all met at a cafe on Tran Hung Dao, and then hit the road for a motorbike motorcade out to Hanh’s parent’s house, as we did for the an hoi. After a little tea and a few cigarettes were passed around, we were back on the road for what has become a tradition in recent years amongst Hanoi newlyweds: pictures of the happy couple in front of the historic Opera House. Looking for something a little different, we went out back, and shot a few frames by a tea stand and outdoor pool table, images I think capture Steve and Hanh’s personalities much more than the front of the building. We also managed to sneak inside the basement of the Opera House for a few shots along a beautiful old wrought iron staircase with sunlight streaming in the window.

      Finally, before heading to the Melia Hotel for the reception, we snuck in a cheeky bia or two at our favorite bia hoi on Quan Su. Though already regulars, I think we’ll win points with the proprietors for bringing a wedding party to their bia hoi, possibly a first. Maybe they’ll be a bit more forgiving next time we’re there until midnight.

      It was a beautiful, beautiful day, and even though a Sunday, it lasted well into the night as everyone wanted to keep the celebration going. Big thanks to Steve and Hanh for inviting all of us.

      More pictures coming from Aidan soon, after he gets back from assignment in Nghe An province later this week.


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