Steve + Hanh | Hanoi An Hoi

      Steve and Hanh are two of our oldest friends in Hanoi. Hanh made an honest man of Hanoi’s premier punk rock wheelie-poppin’ bassist this weekend during a beautiful (but stifling hot!) an hoi ceremony at her parent’s apartment. I was part of the groom’s entourage who bore gifts of rice cakes, wine and cigarettes to Hanh’s family, and Hanh had her own group of girlfriends waiting to receive us in red and gold ao dai. After the ceremony we headed down to Highway4 for lunch, followed by one of the longest bia hoi sessions in recent memory. It was kindof like a “Best of Hanoi” all packed into a single day.

      Not too many pictures from this one as we were all just enjoying the moment with our two good friends. The wedding’s coming up this weekend, and promises to be a great one.

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