Red Bridge Hoi An wedding | Jade and Justin

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      Red Bridge is the best wedding venue in Vietnam. Its not the fanciest, not the biggest, and its nowhere near a beach. But its unique, has a simply romantic beauty and is the kind of wedding venue your guests will remember for years to come. Sitting in a small village outside the UNESCO world heritage town of Hoi An, Vietnam, it serves as a cooking school by day. But on weekends it often transforms into a wonderfully intimate wedding venue, combining lush green bamboo forest with modern, minimalist design.
      So, having a Red Bridge Hoi An wedding was really the perfect fit for Jade and Justin – a fun-loving couple who wanted something a little different for their destination wedding in Vietnam. They started festivities off with basket boar races the day before, and then guests were treated to a boat ride down a jungle river towards the beautiful ceremony and reception site.
      Red Bridge is a beautiful, but low-key Vietnam wedding venue that lets everyone focus on what really matters – having fun with the people you love. I’ve been to dozens of weddings in Vietnam, at some modern and luxurious properties that would knock your socks off. But there’s something about Red Bridge that makes it the best wedding venue in Vietnam.


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