Mekong Delta colours

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      Vinh Long is a sleepy town in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. And by sleepy, I guess I mean somewhat non-frenetic, compared to Vietnam’s major cities, which seem to be fuelled by a 24hr flow of Red Bull. The delta is often called Vietnam’s ‘rice basket’, because the nutrient-rich river provides a fertile base for the country’s major agricultural area. Rice is grown here. Lots of it. So too, vegetables and fruits of amazing, outlandish, comic-book colour. Before I first visited Vietnam in 1996, I had no idea that dragon fruit’s fuchsia skin was a colour that actually existed in nature. The market women wear silk pajamas of assorted neons. Even the fishing boats are painted in bold reds, blues and yellows.

      The overall colour palette of a Mekong Delta morning market resembles a rainbow that melted and fell to earth.


      Awesome documentary. I have only been to Mekong Delta area once when I was young. The life over there are so different than Saigon.

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