Marc + Hien | Hanoi Wedding

      Marc and Hien’s An Hoi was hosted in her family’s house in the Bach Dang area of Hanoi, a great neighbourhood along the riverside, behind the Opera House. I love shooting An Hoi, because it is the traditional Vietnamese element of weddings here: the groom’s entourage arrives in cyclos bearing gifts, to ask permission for the bride’s hand in marriage. Hien’s family have a lovely house, but it got cramped pretty quickly with 40 people crammed in the narrow living room. Not an easy environment for pictures, but definitely fun.

      Their wedding, a week later, was split between Hien’s house and a swank restaurant in town. By the end, the ruou was flowing (thanks to Marc’s stand-in dad, Jeff), and everyone had a great time. The images below are a selection from both weekends.


      Nice work guys!!! I love the B&W.

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