Kat & Jason : Halong Bay wedding

      Julian: I headed out to Halong Bay a few weeks to photograph the very, very intimate wedding of Kat and Jason. Their only guest was their friend Hollie, and I became their fourth wheel for the afternoon. Someone had to help create symmetry at the lunch table as Jason dined on fresh crabs and everyone enjoyed the amazing views from the boat slowly chugging past limestone cliffs in green waters. If it had to be me, then so be it.

      But maybe it was a bit too intimate. In the funniest moment I’ve experienced at a wedding so far, during the ceremony the ad hoc celebrant asked Jason if he would take Hollie as his lawfully wedded wife. Yes, he asked if he wanted to marry the bridesmaid. Without missing a beat, Kat simply walked away and made as if to jump overboard. Classic.


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