InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort Wedding in Hoi An | Nicole and Tom

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      I have the good fortune of photographing weddings at some of the most incredible resorts around Asia. And the InterContinental Danang is the most opulent, jaw-dropping, impressive one. By far. As a Hoi An wedding photographer, there’s certainly nothing remotely like it in Vietnam.

      And even then it pales in comparison to the bundle of energy and unbridled joy that is Nicole and Tom. I’ve never met a couple who have more pure fun in every moment together. I think they probably woke up the morning after their wedding with sore cheeks from laughing and smiling so much. And I get the impression that’s probably how they wake up every morning of every day. They find fun in everything, and most importantly, in eachother.

      So, yeah sure, the venue was pretty. But it always comes down to the people to make the images, and Nicole and Tom’s addictive energy comes through in every shot. The real challenge was holding onto the camera while I was laughing along with them.

      Jacki Bruniquel

      Love your work Julian! So inspirational. Hope you are keeping well.

      Thanks Jacki! I’ve been following your adventures on Facebook. Love what your doing! Let me know if you come out to Asia again sometime.

      Jacqueline Friesen

      I am so in love with your photos! I am the designer of the tutu and Nicole was kind enough to share them with me. I just cannot stop looking at them! Looks like it was an amazing adventure 🙂

      Jacqueline, thanks so much! It was a fantastic few days, with a very adventurous couple!

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