How to plan a Danang wedding in 2020 – Couples Guide

      Danang is the top-ranking travel destination in the world in 2020, according to Google’s recently released travel search data from 2019. As a result, that probably also puts Danang near the top of the list of destination wedding locations in Southeast Asia in 2020.

      So, for all you couples out there researching for your Danang weddings, I put together this quick list of the top ways to plan, from great Danang wedding photographers to event planners and venues. And there are a few little tips in here I promise you won’t find anywhere else….

      1- Book the best Danang wedding planner

      Nadine and Miriam at Hoi An Events are the best Danang wedding planners. They are based in Hoi An, just a 30-minute drive from Danang, and have a ton of experience planning weddings at all the top venues in the area.

      Similarly, I can also recommend The Planners and Nhu Cam, who also do great work in Danang and around Vietnam.

      2- Hire a Danang wedding photographer

      There are a lot of options out there, which you can find on the world’s best wedding photography directory. Also, you can just contact me directly here 😉

      Wedding photography at the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort near Hoi An.

      3- Find a great Danang wedding venue

      The volume of great (and reasonably priced) resorts in Danang makes finding a wedding venue a little easier than other places.

      I highly recommend is the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort – it’s a unique Danang wedding venue. I’ve photographed half a dozen weddings there, and it’s easily one of my favorite properties in all of Southeast Asia.

      Similarly, the Hyatt Regency Danang Resort And Spa is another resort that is starting to host more weddings. Right on world-famous China Beach, the Hyatt is another great option if you want the 5star service you’d expect from such an international brand.

      For something with a bit more local flavor, try Naman Retreat, which has an incredible bamboo-inspired design aesthetic.

      4- Fly directly into Danang international airport

      Although I would always recommend extending your trip and seeing some other areas of Vietnam, Danang has an international airport with a growing list of direct routes like Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Doha and Beijing.

      This is something to consider for guests who might only be able to fly in quickly for the weekend.

      Vietnam wedding photographer

      4- Find a cool Danang Airbnb

      Airbnb has exploded in Vietnam, giving visitors a great deal of options for their stay in the coastal city. Check out a few of these Airbnb options in Danang.

      Intercontinental Sun Peninsula Danang wedding

      5- Find the Japanese whiskey and ramen speakeasy in Hoi An

      It’s a speakeasy, so I can’t tell you exactly where it is. As a result, all I can say is that if you walk into a certain Hoi An fashion store, and walk out the back, you’ll immediately be transported into a magical slice of a Tokyo ramen and whiskey bar unlike anything else in the area.

      6- Plan a Danang food tour

      Here’s a dirty little secret: the food in Hoi An isn’t all that great. Years of intense tourism have diluted most of the local street cuisine into something bland for tourists.

      Rather, stay in the city and sign up for a Danang food tour in what’s an up and coming culinary city in Asia. No joke – the food scene in Danang is waaaaay better than Hoi An.

      7- Get your Vietnam visa in advance

      Most European nationals can get a visa on arrival. Americans and Canadians need to obtain a tourist visa in advance. I’ve had a few weddings where guests couldn’t attend because they didn’t know they needed a visa, so make sure you tell your guests!

      8- Explore China Beach

      Danang’s beachfront runs for several kilometers, and you’re bound to find a quiet spot especially during the day. At sunrise and sunset it’s a different story, with thousands of locals hitting the surf while the sun’s not too hot.

      And yes, you actually can surf China Beach. Check the Danang surf reports here.

      Danang beach wedding

      9- Drive up to Hue

      Hue doesn’t’ get enough love. An easy 2-hour drive from Danang, the network of emperor’s tombs and temples around Hue makes it reason enough to visit this enchanting place. And the food here may actually be better than anywhere else in Vietnam.

      10- Explore nearby Hoi An

      OK, so saved this one for last. If you’re heading to Danang, there’s a 100% chance you’re going to spend some time in Hoi An. It’s just a 30-minute drive away, and despite the throngs of tourists, it’s still pretty fun for a day out. Just be sure to hit Banh My Phuong early in the morning, before the lineups!

      Destination wedding photographer

      Danang wedding photographer

      I hope you’ve found some useful information here while you plan your Danang wedding. I usually photograph three or four weddings here each year, and I’m happy to share more information anytime.

      So please get in touch directly if you want to discuss wedding photography for your celebration.

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