Duong Thuy Linh + Andy Nguyen Viet Thang | Hanoi Wedding

      Thuy Linh and Andy’s magnificent wedding at the Daewoo Hotel in Hanoi managed to seat over a thousand people into the grounds outside by the pool, which was really so much nicer than inside a dimly lit ballroom. I really enjoyed photographing Thuy Linh as she and her bridesmaids prepared for the wedding up in her room. Tight quarters to shoot in, but it’s always fun to try to work on some interesting angles when there’s 12 people packed into a tight space.

      After the wedding presentation on stage, the new bride and groom and their parents made their way to each and every table, as is custom, to share a toast with their guests. Like I said, there were over a thousand people here, so there was a lot of toasting. After a beautiful evening, I’m sure Thuy Linh and Andy were excited to head back home to start their new life together.


      Great works Julian! im really in love with ur pix.

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