Ben, Thao, Hosea & Tobias

      Ben and Thao are two of my oldest friends in Hanoi. So when I was looking for a couple to shoot at the Air Force Museum – a location I’d been eyeing for about a year but never had the right shoot to work it – they were a natural choice. Thao had given birth to little Tobias just a few weeks before, but they were both was well up for a turn in front of the camera (he slept the whole time). For 4-year old Hosea, it was a bit of a wonderland, all the old planes, propellers and engines littered about (to be honest, it was for Ben and I too), and it was a bit of a challenge getting him to pose long enough to capture a few frames before he wandered off to check out more cool machinery. But it wasn’t difficult getting those few frames to work just right.

      One of my favorite shoots with some of my best friends. Happy days.


      Great job!i’ve seen it hundreds times ’til now

      Ben Stocking

      I had the same reaction as Nhu. The contrast was a bit jarring at first, but the more I look at them, the more I like them…

      T.T. Nhu

      I thought this an odd juxtaposition at first: the wreckage of war and a darling family, but I see now the strange alchemy. Out of the horrible destruction is a beautiful family. My kids all say that Ben is the luckiest guy in the world.

      Julian, I especially like the colors of these photos.

      Chuck & Julie Reich

      What a beautiful family! And what beautiful photos. The setting is great, especially with Hosea able to climb where he would. WE’re sorry you’re leaving Hanoi. Hope to see you sometime on your way through New York.


      Thanks so much for the kind words. What can I say? With such beautiful models, all I do is point the camera and go “click”!

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