1 week, 4 weddings, 6948 images

      Julian: Last week I shot four weddings – one in Saigon (with Aidan) and three in Hoi An/Danang. They were all unique, and amazingly good fun, but at the end of it, I could barely see straight. In fact, at the last one, when I was setting up a remote strobe for the first dance, I triggered it right into my eyes from about 8 inches away, and fried my retinas for a few minutes. Smooth. It was about then I realized that I needed to wrap things up.

      Luckily (for myself and my clients) I’ve got a spell in Hanoi for a while, so I can finally sit down and start to sift through the thousands of images waiting patiently for me on my hard drives. Much, much more coming real soon. . . .

      Also: big shout outs to Justin, Aaron and Ehrin for helping us out last week.

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