YL Residence Wedding Koh Samui | Dana and Michael

YL residence wedding photographer
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Scenes from a YL Residence wedding….

From the moment they first contacted me, I knew Dana, Michael and I were going to be a great match. A pair of artists from southern California, they wanted to come out to Thailand for a Koh Samui wedding.
Burning Man comes to Thailand
But not just your regular run-of-the-mill wedding. They wanted a wedding that reflected their free-spirits, that incorporated their love or art, and would have the vibe of Burning Man. I was quickly hooked.
Then we began the year-long correspondence, and with each message or call from Dana I grew more and more excited. Sure, their epic plans sounded pretty amazing, but it was their amazing creative spirit and enthusiasm that really got me.
And they didn’t disappoint.
A Koh Samui wedding celebration
Paradise beaches and boat trips on aquamarine waters. Flag-dancing, Thai moon-dancing and fire-dancing. A burning man and a white feathered wig. One big elephant. And many small “elephants”.
Friends connecting. Families bonding. Proud parents, tearful toasts. And a kindness and generosity of spirit that will serve these two beautiful people well as they grow with each other through the years.
Life, love and the Pursuit of Happiness.



Amazing work!

Thanks Nathan!

Gorgeous venue fantastic work an inspiration

Thanks David!

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