Hua Hin wedding at Verenda Resort | Yata and Hugo

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      Photographing a Hua Hin wedding is great fun. It’s even more fun when you have a connection to the wedding party.

      Way back when, many moons ago, I spent a few formative teenage summers at Kamp Kanawana, an idyllic collection of cabins and tents in the Laurentian woods north of Montreal. Canoeing, camping, guitar-noodling around campfires, and just generally pretty much living the picture perfect salad days of youth.

      Fast forward 20+ years, and I receive an email from Hugo, who was my camper at Kanawana all those many years ago. He and his fiancee Yata live in Abu Dhabi, and were having a Hua Hin wedding in her native Thailand.

      It’s not often you get a chance to reconnect with people after not seeing them for several decades. Add that to the list of reasons I love my job.


      Special thanks to Anatoly B. Valentine for second shooting with me. Always a pleasure, comrade.


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