Starting things off right

      You love Song A. Your fiancee loves Song B. You’re not so hot on Song B. He just doesn’t dig Song A.

      So, what do you do when you can’t agree on a song for your first dance? The song that (for some) defines your wedding day, and will always be “your” song.

      What do you do? Pick Song… C?

      But then doesn’t that mean you are both getting a song you like, but that neither of you love? Doesn’t that defeat the entire enterprise here?

      So, what if you tell your fiancee you’re agreed on Song C, but then on your wedding day, slip Song B – HIS Song – to the wedding planner, and get her to play that as your first song, as a surprise.

      That’s what Annette did for Paul.

      And they had one hell of a first dance.

      That’s what I call starting things off right.

      Song B was Elbow’s One Day Like This


      Amazing !!!

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