Suh-Hee + Ricky | Phuket wedding

      This was my last Thailand wedding of 2011. And what a wedding. Purple lanterns. Hakas. Bon Jovi (or, at least, pretty good impersonations thereof). Guests flew in from all over the world to witness Suh-Hee and Ricky marry at the ridiculously spectacular Sava Villa in Phuket, Thailand. And they were not disappointed. Not. One. Bit.

      I shot this with Aidan. He covered the ladies. I shot the fellas. It was a nice change of pace, as I usually spend all the prep time with the bride and her crew. Not complaining, mind you. But its nice to switch things up from time to time.

      A very big thanks to Jeanette at Luxury Events Phuket. Really looking forward to working with her and her crew again this year.

      And yes, this was the very first time I was thrown into the pool at a wedding. At about 2AM. While still working. At least the boys had the charity and good sense to relieve me of the $15,000 worth of camera equipment around my neck before tossing me in. Thanks guys!


      nice photos,looks like a Janette wedding,did you ever take any photos of my fireworks at any wedding?




      Hi Robert, I don’t usually shoot the fireworks to be honest. I usually photograph the guests enjoying the show.


      soooooooo good! amazed by the way you see things!


      Thanks so much, that’s very kind!

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