Keepin' it Fearless

      I’m pretty skeptical of some of the wedding photographer associations out there on the Interwebs. Photographers gain valuable SEO (or “Google juice”) by buying a placement on the site, giving them a higher search ranking when someone types in, oh, say, “PHILIPPINES WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER”, just as a totally random example. Ahem. But there’s really little quality control – and so long as you pay your fees, you’ll pretty much get a listing, so the site ends up being more for the photographers than the discerning client who’s searching for professional and creative talent.

      So I was really interested when I came across a relatively new wedding photographers directory called Fearless Photographers, the brainchild of Huy Nguyen, a photographer in Washington State. It’s a community of photographers with no BS, just great images to showcase talent, and a lot of modern, progressive and creative stuff. There’s also a forum for clients to reach out to photographers with wedding photographer requests – its great to have this kind of direct contact and dialogue benefiting both clients and photographers.

      So, yes, I’ll keep my listings with a few of those other wedding photographer associations, ’cause it does help my search engine rankings. But other than that, from now on, I’m keepin’ it Fearless.


      Thanks so much Karen. Fearless is a great idea, and I’m happy to connect with other photographers all over the world!

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