Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai Wedding | Aimee and David

      I’ve had the good fortune to photograph dozens of weddings in Thailand through the years. However, I rarely get the chance to head north to be a Chiang Mai wedding photographer.

      I understand why couples want to head south to the islands of Phuket and Koh Samui. Firstly, they’re beautiful. Secondly, they’re easy to get to. Thirdly, when most people envision Thailand they’re thinking of the beach.

      But when I think of Thailand I think of Chiang Mai and the north. I think of eye-popping colors and tongue-burning food. I think about elephants and temples and monks and hot days but cool nights and rice fields and dense jungles.

      And now I’ll also think of Aimee and David’s Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai wedding.

      Dhara Dhevi: an incredible Chiang Mai wedding venue

      Dhara Dhevi Resort strikes a nice balance between the traditional Thai aesthetic and modern, 5-star service. Likewise, the temple-inspired buildings bring to mind a long-lost age, without being kitsch.

      Above all, it’s an absolutely stunning Chiang Mai wedding venue, particularly the amphitheater where Aimee and David had their Jewish ceremony. The ceremony felt like we were hidden in a jungle temple away from the rest of the world – exactly the kind of vibe you’d want.

      Working with the best Thailand wedding planner

      One of the best decisions Aimee and David made was to work with Nanya and her team at The Wedding Bliss Thailand. Most importantly, they are the best wedding planners in Thailand. For example, they do luxury extremely well, but the team can also balance out a gorgeous ceremony and reception with a wicked dance party at the end of the night. Meanwhile, you’ll usually find Nanya and her ladies dancing with the bride around midnight!

      Special thanks to my second photographer Khoi Le

      Khoi Le is a great Vietnam wedding photographer, based in Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore I’m grateful that he flew out from Ho Chi Minh City to join me for this Thailand wedding. He’s talented, hard-working, and looks pretty damn handsome in a suit. Certainly, send him a message if you’re having a Vietnam wedding anytime soon!

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