Annie + Jason | Cambodia portraits

      If you get up really, really early, and plan your day around avoiding the busloads of tourists (they’re turning left! then let’s turn right!), Angkor is still an incredibly peaceful, beautiful, magical place. I think this was the fourth time I’ve experienced sunrise at Ta Prohm, and it never fails to deliver the goods. An amazing place to soak in the first rays of morning sun. Thanks Annie and Jason for inviting me along – I always consider myself lucky every time I visit here.


      Thanks Rust!


      One of my favorites Julian. Love it.


      Thanks Liam. Angkor is really a magical place. But actually really difficult to photograph at. You need to arrange a very pricey authorization certificate to shoot weddings/engagements there, and then once you do, you need to avoid the zillions of tourists walking around. Quite a challenge to create the illusion of intimacy. But still, what a backdrop!

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