Angkor Wedding in Siem Reap | Brittany and Gregg

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      I first visited the Angkor temple complex near Siem Reap in 1997. So did 218,00 other people that year. How many tourists visited these magnificent temples in 2014? Over 4.5 million.

      And you feel it now. Endless busloads of camera-toting tourists zipping between the temples. An army of tripods setup to capture the sunrise at Angkor Wat, standing room only, elbow to elbow.

      Don’t get me wrong, its still a magical place, if you’re savvy enough to avoid the crowds and enjoy the splendour in relative peace and quiet. And its still possible, you just need to know where/when to go.

      Luckily, Brittany, Gregg and I were able to (mostly) avoid the throbbing tide of temple selfies, and were able to enjoy a few moments of tranquility. Let me tell you, those temples, when no one else is around, are still a magnificent sight to see. Brittany and Gregg’s traditional Khmer wedding ceremony, at the foot of a decaying temple far from the maddening crowds, was simple, beautiful, colourful and felt like there wasn’t another soul around. Which is pretty much perfection in my book.

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