Sungai Tinggi Wedding in Bali | Danni and Jon

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      Danni and Jon’s joyous wedding was on her family’s incredible estate in Canggu, Bali. The skies were blue. The setting, jaw-dropping. But with the obvious love and spirit on display between Danni and Jon, their family and friends, it still would have been a spectacular wedding if it took place in a KFC parking lot.

      I photograph a lot of Bali destination weddings, but this was unique in that Danni spent a good part of her life raised at the house in Canggu, and the wedding was celebrated by the Balinese community she grew up with. So when there was a kecak (Balinese fire dance) just after dusk, it was performed by people in the village who had known Danni’s family for the past few decades. There was something extra special witnessing a destination wedding that was also a celebration of the local community.

      Thank you Danni and Jon. This was one was special to me, truly an honour and privilege to document it for you!


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