Kauai wedding photographer at the Princeville Resort, Hawaii | Megan and Hari

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      It all started with a bit of SPAM. One day last year, as I was cleaning up a backlog of emails, I checked my spam folder for any important messages that may have slipped in there – something I very rarely do. To my surprise there was a message from someone named Vas, looking for a photographer for his wedding in Koh Samui, Thailand. Thinking there was s strong chance “Vas” was actually a bot in Mumbai trolling for my personal info, I responded anyway on the off chance he was real.

      He was real.

      And so I ended up documenting one of my favourite all-time weddings – an epic four-day Hindu-Muslim wedding festival in Thailand.

      And so the best man at that wedding was a dapper young fellow named Hari, blessed with a rather fantastic head of hair, and some silky Michael Jackson dancefloor moves.

      And so Hari and his fiancee Megan were planning their wedding in Hawaii, and asked if I could fly out to be their Kauai wedding photographer.

      And so I went to this little slice of heaven in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and photographed their amazing wedding at the Princeville Resort. I made new friends, attended a blessing at a beautiful Sri Lankan monastery, and went surfing for the first time with Megan and her family. I witnessed sweaty dancing and cracking coconuts and the unique joy that great destination weddings bring – celebrating the love of family and friends in a place of jaw-dropping beauty.

      And to think I could have missed out on all of this if I hadn’t randomly checked my spam folder one day.


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