Jax + Lulu | Bali wedding

      I spent three months in Bali this summer, and never made it over to Uluwatu, that little nib at the Southeast corner of the island that juts out into the sea with spectacular cliffs, amazing surf, gorgeous temples, etc… Not sure why I never drove down there, but I was treated to a wonderful wedding at a clifftop villa over Dreamland beach last month, courtesy of Tashi and Kristian.  More than made up for not getting there earlier.  It was the start of the rainy season here in Bali, and clouds were ominous all day. But just as the ceremony started, they parted, the sun shone down, and it really set the tone for the rest of the evening. Big fun all around.

      Side-note here: Tashi works at Planet Wheeler, which supports development projects around the world. One in particular, Blue Dragon, is close to my heart, as I met many of the supported kids there over the years during my time living in Hanoi. Check out their websites to learn more about what these organisations are doing to improve the lives of people in disadvantaged communities in Vietnam and around the world.

      Finally, thanks to Sinly at Bali Wedding Paradise for organizing such a fantastic event. Aces.


      Awesome pics Julian… can check em out over and over again. Wicked, cheers man.


      Thanks so much Kristian! It was a blast being there. I’m in Singapore airport, en route to a Bali wedding right now. Spending Christmas here too. Love it. Best to you both!

      Jane Hobbs

      Amazing photographs that capture the atmosphere of Tashi and Kristian’s very special day – exotic colours, romantic location and everyone’s happy smiles. What a lot of fun! XX

      Romeo Bastone Couture

      Superb images. A magnificent collection of photographic artistry.

      Mike Gottlieb

      Hard to imagine the official ones could be any better. These look like they captured wonderful memories rather than photographs.



      amazinggg like thisssssss

      Clea Woods

      So many memories flooding back- what a special day and night it was. Beautiful photos of a magical day! xx

      Paver Lorenc

      They are some beautiful and exotic wedding pics.

      What great memories they trigger.

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