Danna + Brian | Bali portraits

      This is not a pre-wedding shoot. Engagement shoot? Nope. This is a honeymoon shoot, and my very first. A big, big, BIG thank you goes out to Danna and Brian for asking me to join them on an amazing day out around Bali, visiting the morning market in Ubud, a little chitchat with the denizens of the Monkey Forest, followed by a holy water purification ceremony at Tampaksiring temple and a visit to a traditional Balinese healer on the outskirts of Ubud. And we finished the day with Dallas, Texas-approved ribs at Naughty Nuri’s. Really, just an amazing day.



      Ubud, Bali honeymoon photoshoot is so nice A++++++

      WOW amazing, really love your work, Julian.

      Regard from Bali.

      Elisa Berger

      Julian, thanks for preserving our daughter’s honeymoon so beautifully! Her father Russ and I stayed in Bali a few years back and your photos brought all the vivid, colorful feast of experiences back to us as well. You’ve made a window in time where Brian and Danna can always peek back into their first happy moments together.

      this is just pure awesome! I’m looking the the photos all day!


      Thanks Chatti!


      Nice couple, nice places, nice photos.
      I’m Indonesia.. And I love Bali too.
      GBU guys.. Hope u will be forever together in happines.

      becky hewitt


      Nina Flournoy

      Best honeymoon photos…EVER.

      Nancy Kress

      Please let us know how to get prints of these photos made. They are just so special!
      Thanks again for letting us see just a snapshot in time of their wonderful honeymoon!

      Nice ones!!


      Thanks all. Good times, great locations and wonderful couple. The rest was easy.

      Love the shots! This is fantastic works Jules!
      Particularly like the b&ws 🙂

      We miss you guys!
      Stf & the gang

      liz brown

      What wonderful, dazzling photos. Thank you for sharing them

      Wow these are just absolutely amazing… awesome colors and the angles are so great too.. beautiful shots!

      this is fantastic! missing Bali already and we haven’t even been home a week yet

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