Alex + Harley | Bali Wedding

      Bali. Just can’t seem to get enough of Bali.

      I was incredibly fortunate to come down to the island again recently, this time for Alex and Harley’s wedding in Canggu, just about one kilometer down the surf from Echo Beach, one of my favorite spots in the area.

      We met the day before, and as I walked the grounds of the villa they rented for the big event, I was in awe. These were some fine lookin’ digs. And the sun was out. The birds were singing. The waves were gently lapping at the shore. It all bode well for the following day…..

      And then it rained. And rained. And then, just as it was about to stop, it rained some more. It looked like festivities were going to be heading indoors, until the very last minute (literally about 30 minutes before the ceremony was about to start) the clouds miraculously parted, the sun burst through, and the party was on. Nothing can put a wedding party in a good mood like a nice dose of late afternoon sun. And a few tasty cocktails.

      Sure, sometimes it rains in Bali on people’s wedding days, but not today, and I never really doubted that the sun would come through. There was just something in the air that felt right. Kindof like the feeling in the air at the end of the night when everyone started jumping into the pool  – clothed, half-clothed, unclothed…. Didn’t matter. It just felt right.


      Big thanks to Natalie at Beyond Events Bali for organizing everything and Richard Watson for additional photography.


      very cool shoot! one of yr best….


      Ha! Thanks man. Think the best is coming up on Friday….. 😉 See you in Phuket!

      Amazing set of frames! What presets did you apply?


      Still figuring out the VSCOfilm presets. Most of these are with a touch of Kodak Portra 160-, with a few tweaks here and there. Finding the Fuji settings too green/cyan.

      Wow-I love her preparation photos, especially the light caught on the little girl. It looks like a painting. A beautiful job you’ve done here-well done!


      Thanks so much Chloe, I really appreciate the kind words!

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